Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Energizer Bunny

Since L has been born I have been channeling this strange sense of energy. I just keep going and I’m afraid if I stop, I’ll go crashing. It’s really great though…keeps me going from one place to the next. And yes, my 1/2 cup of coffee fuels the energy as well. Although once my head hits the pillow—I sleep so soundly and so deeply. It’s pretty fantastic and makes getting up in the morning pretty hard. But, once I do get up—I go, go, go.
Today—-Brought the kids to their respective schools/daycare then I went to two auditions. One of which was a callback and the other I was requested to dress in 1940’s wardrobe. I actually had fun with that and created quite the look. Drove in lovely LA traffic to pick up my lovable boys. Got home, did nebulizer for L, bathed the boys, did nebulizer for J, gave J dinner, put L down to sleep, Henry got home from his two auditions, made White Bean Kale soup, ate dinner…and now writing blog. I’m still not done, my head has not hit the pillow, but when it does...sweet, sweet dreams.

And here are some pics—how on earth did I produce TWO boys with such blue eyes!?
And yes, we visited the pumpkin patch. We went to a different one this time—Pierce College and although not as rustic as the one from last year it still was loads of fun.

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