Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Heart Faces Photojournalism Challenge

This week the challenge is photojournalism. Your photo must tell a story.
As my readers know, the beach with my friends is my escape. I have been going with the same friends (more or less) since before I was married. And now being married, with kids, we continue the tradition. We play volleyball, eat good food, play music, run with the waves.
This is an older pic of J. But I love every piece of it. The sun was setting and the music was starting......

Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Monday....what do I see?

It's my little guy. On this day we were the first to arrive at the playground
and I loved it. It was quiet and the kingdom was ours. Of course J was concerned.
He was very curious on where all the people went. I told him...don't you worry. They will come. And 15 minutes later it was a packed playground and J had some new friends to tackle the curvy slide.
Two hours later, the boys were sandy, exhausted and hungry. My mission was completed--two tired boys ready for nap/quiet time. Now mamma gets her coffee and time to sit in her quiet kingdom for a bit.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Heart Photo Challenge

I haven't submitted to I Heart Faces in a while, but how could I miss the Beach Theme? That's all I take pictures of everyday. Today I'm honoring L. And yes it is a repeat, but you can't get bored with this face! At least I don't.

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Monday....what do I see?

Last night my husband had another test screening for his film! Yay!
We had our good friend, Jeff Nimoy, cook the appetizers based on a diet he is doing called the Caveman Diet. Oh scrumptious! Oh my! It's all healthy....read about it on his blog. Everything is organic, natural. No sugar, no salt, no wheat plus a lot of other things. Go check it out on his blog.


Also check out my husband's film and watch the trailer. It's crazy good and I'm super proud!


Some pics of the food that we sampled. I wish Jeff could cook for me everyday, all day.






JEFF AND HENRY COOKING. (Aren't they cute?)

PS On an acting note....I have a fun audition for Law and Order LA tomorrow. Life is good!

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Monday....what do I see?

It's color this time.
But the beach again.
Have I said how much I love the beach?
I love it.
Other things I love that happened to me this week.
Date night with my husband--we saw The Kids Are Alright
Reading a good book. (Eat.Pray.Love)
Getting a new camera lens (From my husband)
Hearing L. say "hot" when he pointed to his food
J. telling me I'm beautiful
Fitting into pants that I didn't think I fit into
Watching the sunset
Going out to dinner for Mexican with the family
And buying a new bra.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Monday....what do I see?

This is what I do in the summer....hang with my friends and go to the beach.
I was feeling black and white today. So here they are. A little love in black and white.

And here is a one of me. My sweet husband took this one--and my favorite part is L's little arm wrapped around my arm. I could stare at that part of the picture all day long.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Monday....what do I see?

I love my Monday posts. It forces me to look at my pics. To organize and re-live a moment from the past week.
Trains. Really trains are a part of my everyday life. Two boys and I am destined to make train trips on a regular basis. Luckily...I love trains too. There is something romantic and old fashioned about it. And it's also a time to put up my feet, read a book and look out the window.
When we are not on the big train, this is what entertains my boy while I clean....or as I did this day--snap a few pics and read a book on the couch. (The book I am reading is Eat.Pray.Love. Makes me want to travel on a train even more!)