Monday, June 27, 2011

iheartfaces: a touch of whimsey

It's Monday....and it's iheartfaces. I'm on a roll!
Here is my touch of whimsey.
This kid's imagination blows my mind. Two years on this earth and
his conversations with sticks, monkey dolls and trucks
is beyond the conversations I have with my own people.
They are passionate.
They are emotional.
They are full of love.
And at times they are full of frusturation.

His words are still few at this stage....but, his intent is strong.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

iheartfaces: let's hear it for the boys

Another two for one.
It's iheartfaces Monday and it's Monday.
The theme this week is let's hear it for the boys.
I love my boys. Passionately. All three of them.
And when I need a break from stinky feet and wrestling matches....I head off
to meet some girls for girls supper club.

I took this pic the same day as below. It was a photo session for my own husband in disguise. I made a photo book for Father's day for him. Plus a sleep in. Plus breakfast in bed. Plus a massage and a movie night out for him. It was a perfect Father's Day for a well deserved Father.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

iheartfaces: from a distance

It's Monday. It's I'm combining things today. It's a two for one.
The theme is from a distance. I didn't even know that was the theme until today yet oddly enough that was what I was working on this weekend with my pictures. I love up close...and I do that all day, every day. But, I forced myself to take a step back this weekend. And try to see what I see from a far. It was actually really fun.

And then a blimp flew right by us on this overcast day....and my boys were ecstatic.

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