Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Monday....what do I see?

I'm posting early! It's 45 minutes to Monday, but tomorrow I am meeting a friend for coffee and won't be home until I figured better post now.
My camera BROKE. It's so sad and I am in denial. I am sending it to Canon--and hopefully they will take care of her while she is there. In the meantime I have been taking pics with my back-up camera. It was like an old friend. I looked at her dials and knew what to do. She was the one who brought me to this love of photography so I respect her immensely, my little Xti.
This weekend was lovely. Time with my boys. The beach. And washed cars.
And my son amazed me today at bedtime.
"Mom--Saturn has rings of frozen ice." So we took out the Space Encyclopedia to read more. And as we explored space through the book I looked at him and thought...what a little man he is growing into.

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