Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Monday....what do I see?

One day late with no end in sight.
So...it's "Let's look in the past Tuesday"
Which really means I haven't had time to shoot/download/organize
any of my new photos.

So back in the past we go....
The Cuban part of him is so apparent here!

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  1. Uh, yeah. Can I have that tan???? He is so handsome!

    The "class" I am taking is an online thing hosted by a woman named Tracey Clark. If you click on the Picture Inspiration badge on my blog it will take you to the main description of it. You can still join! It's a YEAR long class. Once a week she gives a prompt and you have a week to capture it. You post it to the gallery in the "classroom" and people comment on it. There are message boards, chat rooms, etc. that frankly I have no time for. I did this class as a challenge to myself. One, because I really hate homework, and photo forum stuff so I thought it would be good to step out of my comfort zone. And two, I wanted to come back to being more mindful of my photography. There's something that happens when you have to push yourself to "see". It's like when I first started the blog two years ago as a 365 project. That first year I grew TONS. I miss that time where I was pushing myself in a way I had never done.
    Anyway, that's the class. It's been good!