Monday, June 6, 2011

iheartfaces: from a distance

It's Monday. It's I'm combining things today. It's a two for one.
The theme is from a distance. I didn't even know that was the theme until today yet oddly enough that was what I was working on this weekend with my pictures. I love up close...and I do that all day, every day. But, I forced myself to take a step back this weekend. And try to see what I see from a far. It was actually really fun.

And then a blimp flew right by us on this overcast day....and my boys were ecstatic.

Enjoy and check out the other iheartfaces entries here:


  1. I love this shot, it looks like he was about to speed off around the corner. Such a fun snap. well done!

  2. Great story-telling photo. Love the blue too :)