Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Giving Tree

August 1, 2009
Did you read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein? My husband read the book to “J” at bedtime today and I walked in with “L” while they were reading. I had forgotten about that book, but when I looked down at the story and heard the words, I immediately welled up. That might the saddest and yet most beautiful book ever written. I told my husband that was one of my favorite books and he said that the book was dedicated to me in the beginning from my mom. And so it was : To Eva December 1981. And I swear that book smelled like the house that I grew up in on the beach. My husband asked “J” if he thought the book made him feel happy or sad. He replied, “Happy!”. I’m just happy that Mr. Shel Silverstein is still a part of my reading world and that now it is a part of “J’s”
On a side photography note, I was going to share three pictures, but my computer is out to get me and being moody. So I am only downloading one and then I am going to BACK up my pictures and defragment. I have been wanting a MAC for some time now and this might finally be the time when I make a switch.

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