Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Monday.....what do I see?

Alas, it is Monday. What a hard Monday to come to when the weekend was so lovely despite the terrible pollen that is doing naughty things to my nose, eyes and throat.
On Friday I left work early and my husband was feeling under the weather. So I took the boys on a long walk and explored. It was spontaneous (which I am not) and fun! Our neighborhood is not really adventurous but we found flowers and sticks and fire hydrants oh my! At times we sat on the sidewalk and sang a song. Or just talked. By the time we got home we were late starting the bedtime routine. But I was okay with it. My boys were too.
And tomorrow, Tuesday, my husband has a very short little stint on NCIS LA. CBS at 9 PM. It's short and sweet...and in the beginning of the episode, but I'm excited for him. He plays a paparazzi photographer.


  1. Your walk sounds lovely. And how very cool about your husband's little stint. Alas, I don't have cable hook up to watch it or I would have just for the fun of wondering which one he was.

  2. Well....we watched it and it was quick and short, but fun to watch.