Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Monday.....what do I see?

I realized that I say it's Monday....what do I see? But really the pics are from the past week. Well, that's how I roll.
This weekend was interesting. Saturday everything seemed to be out of sorts. My boys would not listen and worse yet...whined a lot. I was grumpy. My husband could do nothing right--in my eyes anyways. I went to bed thinking...what a wasted Saturday. Days that I usually treasure.
Sunday...was a whole new day. It was a day where everything went right. My boys were loving, listening and napping. I adored my husband. I felt happy inside. We went on a very early outing to the beach. We stayed so long because we were having such a blast. Then we ate at one of my favorite old school restaurants and my boys were on best behavior. When we got home--cold and worn out--we relaxed. All of us. It was lovely.
And then it rained all night long while we were cozy and warm in our beds and I realized I. AM. ONE. LUCKY. GIRL.


  1. I have those kinds of weekends too...such is life!
    I really really love that 4th pic down. Such beautiful light! You must frame it or put it on canvas. :)

  2. Thanks! I love shooting at the beach when it is overcast. It's perfection for photographers, right?