Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Monday...and I forgot.

How could I forget? Sorry....apparently I've been busy.
Here is a little part of my life.
My husband is a director and I'm so proud.
Here is the trailer of his film PIG.


I don't know how to create a link....so just copy and paste.
PS Eva, the old blogger, will return shortly. She lost her mind and sanity somewhere along the road.


  1. there's a "link" button in the composer bar. Right by the "photo" button. Highlight the part you want to have a link. Click on the "link" button and there will be a place to paste to. Click "ok" and then that highlighted text will have a link to where you want us to go! Hope that makes sense! It's really easy. :)

  2. I did do that button....and it just gives me a blank. I know I'm doing something wrong....I will look at it again tomorrow. In the meantime...I am dragging my feet to bed--another night of being up way too late. :)