Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Monday.....what do I see?

My brother, Jared, has Down Syndrome.
I love him so much so seeing J bond with him is important to me.
After Jared left from his most recent trip I was driving J to school and he asked me:
"Mommy--Uncle JiJay is different. He's a grown up but he's like a kid, right?"
Yes sweetie, I responded.
"Mommy...Uncle, Jijay is a grown up, but he'll never drive a car, right?"
Yes sweetie, I responded."
"Mommy....I miss Uncle Jijay. He's special. I love him with all my heart."
I looked in my rearview mirror and said to him, "I love him with all my heart too."

J popped his thumb back into his mouth and stared out the window. I stared at J long and hard. I wanted to jump over the carseat and squeeze him with love.
(Don't worry Mom. I was at a stop sign and yes I pay attention to the road when I drive.)

Here is a peek of their relationship....before bedtime.

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  1. I love this! Jared looks great...just like I remember him...a BIG smile on his face!