Thursday, July 16, 2009


I’m really amazed with “J”. He seems to have taken to being a big brother as the best thing in the world. He adores Baby “L” and gives him kisses and hugs and shares his toys with him. Baby “L” learns about James and Thomas and Sir Topham Hat via his big brother. (For those without kids, those are the names of a very special train family)
And Baby “L” seems to love his big brother! He lights up when he hears his voice and at 4 weeks old is already showing signs of wanting to crawl. I may be exaggerating here, but when I give him tummy time—he tries to scoot.
So now that I am a mom of two for 4 whole weeks, I have decided it’s easier. It’s not so shocking and the rules are not so rigid. Poor Baby “L” hasn’t had a book read to him yet! I realized this the other day and was shocked. I started reading to “J” at 3 days old everyday. Well, tonight I will start. And I will read him “J’s” favorite at this moment: The Caboose Who Got Loose.

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