Friday, July 10, 2009

Going Back in Time

This picture was taken on Mother’s Day. As a mom, I just have a few minor requests. To sleep in with the kids out of the house. To eat bagels with cream cheese in bed. And to go to the beach. I was very, very pregnant on this special day and was sitting in my chair on the beach while the two boys were chasing the waves. In between chases, arm swimming was required. I had my 70-200 mm lens on and was just shooting from afar. It was a foggy day—perfect shooting weather. I never get bored shooting at the beach. It’s the Floridian in me.

Oh! And in our current digital age—just a friendly reminder to everyone out there to back up your pictures! I learned my lesson the hard way. Luckily I always email my favorite pictures to my mom via Kodak Gallery. ( On Kodak Gallery you can order an Archive CD for your entire Gallery. It saved me. And I learned a valuable lesson. On that note, I need to do a back up tonight.

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