Monday, September 14, 2009

Fountain of Youth

Vacation is wonderful. I love it. I love to arrive at my designated spot. And at the same time I love coming home.
My family and I decided to surprise my mom for a special birthday. It worked out perfectly. Every morning we went to the beach. Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico is the best of the best. The water is warm, clear and for some reason….i feel like it could have a bit of the Fountain of Youth. I feel energized when I come out of the water. After the beach outing we would go home to eat lunch. Then swimming in the pool in the afternoon or just lazing on the patio with a good book (or a scrabble game between my mom and sister). A couple of nights we returned back to the beach to watch the sunset. Every night we ate a yummy dinner and had a good glass (or two or three) of wine. We sat and talked about life, dreams, politics (health care!), books we are reading and movies we want to watch. One night I accidentally let a big frog in the house and I chased it around the kitchen to get it back outside. I think I could live like that everyday. But then….perhaps I would not appreciate it as much. I’m so glad we went and surprised my mom. It was a trip worth every penny. Happy Birthday Mom.

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  1. What a great gift for your mom! You brought tears to my eyes, Eva! I miss Florida but I miss being in Florida "playing" with you more! Seeing Jared made me smile. I hope he is well. I miss you, Shmeves! I owe you a long email...I'll write soon! Love you!