Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I’m trying to simplify my life. I would like my days to be easier and run more smoothly for me. Having two children now, I think I have no choice. So step one of this detox is getting rid of stuff. I have a bag by the front door and every time I find something I don’t need/use I put it in the bag and eventually make a trip to the Good Will.
Also, I used to run around like a crazy person in the morning before work. Now I prepare everything at night. My bag. J’s bag. L’s bag. Breast pump. Lunch. Water. Coffee. Clothes. So in the morning…I literally jump into my clothes, grab kids and go. I’m sure my mom is smiling as she read this. It’s all stuff she has taught me.
And now I must go—lots of stuff to go prepare tonight.
Here are pics of Little L. His facial expressions brighten my day.

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