Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Monday....what do I see?

It's color this time.
But the beach again.
Have I said how much I love the beach?
I love it.
Other things I love that happened to me this week.
Date night with my husband--we saw The Kids Are Alright
Reading a good book. (Eat.Pray.Love)
Getting a new camera lens (From my husband)
Hearing L. say "hot" when he pointed to his food
J. telling me I'm beautiful
Fitting into pants that I didn't think I fit into
Watching the sunset
Going out to dinner for Mexican with the family
And buying a new bra.


  1. a. how do you have time to read a book?
    b. bravo on the old pants - doesn't that rock!!!!!!
    c. bitch - you soooo talented - breathtaking shots
    happy tuesday

  2. a. before I go to bed and at auditions.
    b. Yay!!!
    c. thank you so much! xxoo

  3. I so wish I could relate to the last one about the new bra. I soooo need a bra it's scary how badly I need one.
    Love the light in the pictures. What lens did you get?!? Would love a new lens!

  4. My new bra is cherised!
    Canon 100 2.8 love it.

  5. cherished (oops I hate making spelling mistakes)